Quinua fresca

When I started recipe bloggin,  my first recipe was with quinoa, it was a breakfast option, simple and enjoyable. This time I am making quinoa for either lunch or dinner. I got inspired with a salad we serve at Las Vecinas and it all started from it. What else could I add to that salad … Continue reading Quinua fresca


I already accepted this fact…I will not stop eating any kind of bread. It is so delicious, it has great textures and you can eat with almost anything! nowadays I only eat whole wheat bread, however, if there is a good quality of white bread, I am more than sure to get a loaf of … Continue reading Naan

Eggs: my way

Versatile, tasty and nutritious. They are always on my list of ingredients I should always have in my kitchen. Always organic or free range. Good quality above all. I came up with this recipe for the breakfast menu at the cafe because I wanted to add something different and mixing ingredients we always have in … Continue reading Eggs: my way

Exquisite aubergines

Aubergines, eggplants, berenjenas, melanzana, brinjal… however you call it, I love it! In Peru there are not (as far as I know) recipes in the Peruvian culinary that includes it and the country produces lots of it!  This week at the farmer´s market I found white ones which is one of the varieties this fruit … Continue reading Exquisite aubergines