En este ultimo mes le estoy dando mas empuje a ideas y deseos que han estado pululando en mi mente por tanto tiempo. Siempre estaré agradecida de hacer lo hago y de vivir todas estas experiencias en todo este tiempo. Desde la primera vez que retorne al Peru (2005) y de alli volviendo a Lima … Continue reading Domingo

AMFodder Perfect combo

Poached egg has become my very dear obsession. Every time I make one, a new opportunity rise up to make it even better, to fine tune my technique. In this easy recipe, I paired the best of the best! The creamy avocado and an organic egg. What could be better than this? yes! i added … Continue reading AMFodder Perfect combo


I already accepted this fact…I will not stop eating any kind of bread. It is so delicious, it has great textures and you can eat with almost anything! nowadays I only eat whole wheat bread, however, if there is a good quality of white bread, I am more than sure to get a loaf of … Continue reading Naan