Antique tomatoes

Tomatoes and its varieties are flavorful, fun to eat, aesthetically pleasing and versatile. Since my favorite meal of the day is breakfast I couldn’t not use them like I am presenting them on this recipe. This is a no brainer, however, sometimes we need a little inspiration so our imagination wakes up. Hopefully you can … Continue reading Antique tomatoes

AMFodder Perfect combo

Poached egg has become my very dear obsession. Every time I make one, a new opportunity rise up to make it even better, to fine tune my technique. In this easy recipe, I paired the best of the best! The creamy avocado and an organic egg. What could be better than this? yes! i added … Continue reading AMFodder Perfect combo


I already accepted this fact…I will not stop eating any kind of bread. It is so delicious, it has great textures and you can eat with almost anything! nowadays I only eat whole wheat bread, however, if there is a good quality of white bread, I am more than sure to get a loaf of … Continue reading Naan

Eggs: my way

Versatile, tasty and nutritious. They are always on my list of ingredients I should always have in my kitchen. Always organic or free range. Good quality above all. I came up with this recipe for the breakfast menu at the cafe because I wanted to add something different and mixing ingredients we always have in … Continue reading Eggs: my way

Sweet mornings

It is always good to balance what we eat in the mornings so we don’t get bored or tired of repeating the same old routine. I love eggs in the mornings, well, I like them anytime of the day to be honest. Eggs are so versatile, but that’s another post. This post is about fruits, … Continue reading Sweet mornings