Porridge (my way)

I’ve had this in my mind for I don’t know how long. Finally, last week I was able to do this mix I had in my thoughts. I could literally know the taste and texture of it by thinking about the ingredients. It is not very easy to find buckwheat in Lima, however, in one … Continue reading Porridge (my way)


It’s been a while since my last post. There is no excuses but the day to day can eat up the time and when we realize we are not devoting time to things we enjoy a lot. So I’ve been tasting recipes, updating Las Vecinas menu, not only the menu, but the design, bookmaking and everything that … Continue reading Focaccia

Antique tomatoes

Tomatoes and its varieties are flavorful, fun to eat, aesthetically pleasing and versatile. Since my favorite meal of the day is breakfast I couldn’t not use them like I am presenting them on this recipe. This is a no brainer, however, sometimes we need a little inspiration so our imagination wakes up. Hopefully you can … Continue reading Antique tomatoes

AMFodder Perfect combo

Poached egg has become my very dear obsession. Every time I make one, a new opportunity rise up to make it even better, to fine tune my technique. In this easy recipe, I paired the best of the best! The creamy avocado and an organic egg. What could be better than this? yes! i added … Continue reading AMFodder Perfect combo