AMFodder Perfect combo

Poached egg has become my very dear obsession. Every time I make one, a new opportunity rise up to make it even better, to fine tune my technique. In this easy recipe, I paired the best of the best! The creamy avocado and an organic egg. What could be better than this? yes! i added … Continue reading AMFodder Perfect combo

Aubergine puree

I like getting cooking books, to look at the awesome photographs and to go through the delicious recipes it contains. One of my recent purchases was the book Jerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi. It has a lot of recipes with aubergines or eggplants and therefore I fell in love with it. Eggplants are one of my … Continue reading Aubergine puree

Quinua fresca

When I started recipe bloggin,  my first recipe was with quinoa, it was a breakfast option, simple and enjoyable. This time I am making quinoa for either lunch or dinner. I got inspired with a salad we serve at Las Vecinas and it all started from it. What else could I add to that salad … Continue reading Quinua fresca


I already accepted this fact…I will not stop eating any kind of bread. It is so delicious, it has great textures and you can eat with almost anything! nowadays I only eat whole wheat bread, however, if there is a good quality of white bread, I am more than sure to get a loaf of … Continue reading Naan

Eggs: my way

Versatile, tasty and nutritious. They are always on my list of ingredients I should always have in my kitchen. Always organic or free range. Good quality above all. I came up with this recipe for the breakfast menu at the cafe because I wanted to add something different and mixing ingredients we always have in … Continue reading Eggs: my way

Exquisite aubergines

Aubergines, eggplants, berenjenas, melanzana, brinjal… however you call it, I love it! In Peru there are not (as far as I know) recipes in the Peruvian culinary that includes it and the country produces lots of it!  This week at the farmer´s market I found white ones which is one of the varieties this fruit … Continue reading Exquisite aubergines