Eggs: my way

Versatile, tasty and nutritious. They are always on my list of ingredients I should always have in my kitchen. Always organic or free range. Good quality above all. I came up with this recipe for the breakfast menu at the cafe because I wanted to add something different and mixing ingredients we always have in … Continue reading Eggs: my way

Exquisite aubergines

Aubergines, eggplants, berenjenas, melanzana, brinjal… however you call it, I love it! In Peru there are not (as far as I know) recipes in the Peruvian culinary that includes it and the country produces lots of it!  This week at the farmer´s market I found white ones which is one of the varieties this fruit … Continue reading Exquisite aubergines

Easy breezy Avo

Avocado, some (like me) love it…some don’t like them that much, there is something wrong with people who don’t like this fruit! it is so versatile and when is at the right timing…it is just glory. I am going to make a variation of what we do at Las Vecinas of a plate that is very popular … Continue reading Easy breezy Avo

Sweet mornings

It is always good to balance what we eat in the mornings so we don’t get bored or tired of repeating the same old routine. I love eggs in the mornings, well, I like them anytime of the day to be honest. Eggs are so versatile, but that’s another post. This post is about fruits, … Continue reading Sweet mornings


Quinua is how we say it in Spanish. A seed that is very versatile and I use in the cafe a lot! Whether is for something sweet as well as for salads, quinoa is something you should consider to have in your kitchen…always. I am making for breakfast something that is balanced as well as nutritious. … Continue reading Quinua/Quinoa